Music is the heart of RAL MaDFest, and we are proud to be able to showcase the local talent we have available. The Harwell Campus just happens to employ a lot of talented musicians!

Please note, due to the unpredictability of life, the acts listed below are subject to change without notice.


Calling all "Deadheads"! Franklin's Tower channel the essence of the Grateful Dead, honouring the fusion of elements from almost every style you can think of, and ultimately pinning it to a rock framework. They played at WOMAD festival last year, and will do the same this year, before coming back home to see out MaDFest 2018.


Full Circle Blues

Full Circle Blues are three scientists and one poet, and play original easy listening blues, with a few covers of classics thrown in. They actively gig around the Oxford area.


This power trio play a mix of classic rock, and they do it well! From Cream to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to Hendrix, these guys impressed MaDFest last year, and are due to do the same again in 2018!


Blending rock with a slug of Bowie and a pinch of metal, Subatomaton play their own music, simply because they know no other! Fresh from the studio, they are ready to take to the stage.

Life is Elsewhere

LIE play anthemic alternative indie rock and pop covers by the likes of The Smiths, Radiohead, PJ Harvey, and Laura Marley. Prepare yourselves!

Bagg's Tree Buskers

The Bagg's will be back this year, and we're very happy to have them. If it's "old school feel-good" that you're after, then you are in for a treat, my friends!

Orbit 42

Few bands within the RecSoc Music Club offer the energy and enthusiasm that Orbit 42 project. Performances of popular rock songs from bands such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and Queens of The Stone Age have never been so lively!

DJ Mark-E-Mark

With an unrivalled ability to play songs back to back, and a Spotify play list ready to launch at the push of a button, MaDFest's resident DJ will keep the music pumping and your feet tapping throughout the day!